Hard Facts about Soft Machines

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November 1994



Brings together researchers in ergonomics and posture, and industrial designers, to review the current state of chair design and its implications for cultural, behavioural and occupational aspects of health.


Part 1 Seating And Health: A Continuous Passive Motion Backrest For Low backpain, Steven M. Reinecke et al; back problems caused by traditional work chairs and how to reduce the problem, A.C. Mandal; effect of belt support chair in preventing Lumbago and maintaining posture, Dr Morooka. Part 2 Seating and posture: study on posture as nonverbal communication, D. Haruki; our backs are all shaped differently, yet backrests are designed the same - does it really matter?, Rani Lueder; actual labour conditions of female workers and development of chairs for pregnant female workers in Japan, Ms Kajiyama. Part 3 Children and school chairs: video demonstration of Danish school chairs, A.C. Mandal; accommodation problems of chairs and desks to students in elementary and junior high schools in Korea and their solution, Professor Cho; accommodation problems of chairs and desks to students in elementary and junior high schools in Japan and their solution, Ms Salto and Ms Hibaru. Part 4 Chairs and ergonomics: functional factors in forward-tilting office chairs, Shiraishi Okamura and Dr Ueno; development of wheelchairs for physically handicapped people, D. Koga. Part 5 Chairs and office: three propositions about ergonomics seating which seem correct but are actually doubtful, Marvin J. Dainoff; application of simulation model for designing VDT workstations, Dr Noro and Mr Hirasawa; impact of office automation on seating design for the nineties, Leonard B. Kruk.
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