Gay Warriors: A Documentary History from the Ancient World to the Present

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Dezember 2001



In Ancient Greece and Rome, in Crusader campaigns and pirate adventures, same-sex romances were a common and condoned part of military culture. From the Peloponnesian War to the Gulf War, from Achelleus to Lawrence of Arabia, gays and lesbians have played a crucial but often hidden role in military campaigns. But recent debates over the legality of gay service in the military and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy have obscured this rich aspect of military history. B.R. Burg has recovered important documents and assembled an anthology on these often invisible gay and lesbian warriors.Burg shows us that the Amazons of legend weren't just fictional. We learn about the richness and variety of their culture in documents from Plato, Seneca, and Suetonius. The sexual culture of the samurai is explored along with its relationship to warmaking. From courts-martial proceedings we discover women warriors in seventeenth century England who passed as men in order to serve, and army officers whose underground culture fostered long-term romantic friendships.There are also sections on the American Civil War, World Wars I and II, the contemporary U.S. military as well as sailors and pirates. This anthology will forever change the way we think about "gays in the military".


"Important...a truly fascinating reading on this controversial subject." -- Library Journal "The reprinted documents are what makes Burg's book valuable, and they allow readers to judge for themselves whether gays and lesbians deserve to be fully integrated into the modern military."--The Journal of Sex Research
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