Detection of Change

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Detection of Change: Event-Related Potential and fMRI Findings presents the first systematic overview of how event-related brain potential (ERP), cognitive electroencephalography (EEG), and functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) measures reflect the mental events arising from changes in sensory stimulation. Reviews by leading experts provide clarifying introductory background material that is well integrated with the cogently collated findings. Topics include the empirical and theoretical analysis of mismatch negativity, P300, human lesion studies, and stimulus binding. These areas provide the backdrop for summaries of auditory/visual ERP interactions, the conjoint use of fMRI methods, and neuroelectric processing models of attention and memory. The contents are fresh, the literature distillations highly informative, and the range of topics extremely useful. This book fills a major need by making contemporary results highly assessable to cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, and researchers interested in the neural underpinnings of how the brain responds to stimulus change.


Contributors. Introduction. - Mismatch Negativity. 1. Auditory environment and change detection as indexed by the mismatch negativity (MMN); A. Kujala, R. Nätänen. 2. Event-related brain potential indices of involuntary attention to auditory stimulus changes; K. Alho, C. Escera, E. Schröger. 3. Visual mismatch negativity; D.J. Heslenfeld. 4. Change detection in complex auditory environment: beyond the oddball paradigm; I. Winkler. - P3A and P3B. 5. Theoretical overview of P3A and P3B; J. Polich. 6. Lateral and orbital prefrontal cortex contributions to attention; K.M. Hartikainen, R.T. Knight. 7. ERP and fMRI correlates of target and novelty processing; B. Opitz. - EEG, Memory and Gamma. 8. EEG and ERP imaging of brain function; A. Gevins, M. Smith, L.K. McEvoy. 9. EEG theta, memory and sleep; W. Klimesch. 10. Gamma activity in the human EEG; C.S. Herrmann. Index.
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