Catalogue of the Townley Archive at the British Museum

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Mai 2002



Charles Townley's (1737-1805) love for classical antiquities began during his Grand Tour of Italy in 1767 and the items that he purchased were the start of a much larger collection that he amassed. After his death, the Townley collection of antiquities, as well as Townley's diaries, accounts, letters and correspondence with friends and family, agents and other collectors, reverted to the British Museum. This is a catalogue of all records relating to Charles Townley and includes much important source material for the second half of the 18th century.


Susan Hill has many years of experience as an archivist in the Local Government sector and the academic world. After cataloguing the Townley Archive at The British Museum, immersing herself in the eighteenth century, she progressed to twentieth century Labour politics, listing the papers of Hugh Gaitskell at University College London. Currently she is working as Archivist in the Southampton City Record Office.

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