The Twenty-First-Century Firm: Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective

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Juli 2003



""The Twenty-First Century Firm" makes a substantial original contribution to organization studies. Discussions of the 'network form' have been around for some time. This book presents a serious attempt to draw together various conceptions of that form, compare them, and critically evaluate the claims for and against them. It will surely be read, debated, and appreciated widely."--Peter V. Marsden, Harvard University


CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Making Sense of the Contemporary Firm and Prefiguring Its Future by Paul DiMaggio 3 PART ONE: Portraits From Three Regions 31 CHAPTER 2: The Capitalist Firm in the Twenty-First Century: Emerging Patterns in Western Enterprise by Walter W. Powell 33 CHAPTER 3: Ambiguous Assets for Uncerta in Environments: Heterarchy in Postsocialist Firms by David Stark 69 CHAPTER 4: Japanese Enterprise Faces the Twenty-First Century by D. Eleano Westney 105 PART TWO: Commentaries 145 CHAPTER 5: The Durability of the Corporate Form by Reinier Kraakman 147 CHAPTER 6: The Future of the Firm from an Evolutionary Perspective by David J. Bryce and Jitendra V. Singh 161 CHAPTER 7: Firms (and Other Relationships) by Robert Gibbons 186 CHAPTER 8: Welcome to the Seventeenth Century by Charles Tilly 200 CHAPTER 9: Conclusion: The Futures of Business Organization and Paradoxes of Change by Paul DiMaggio 10 References 45 Index 71


Paul DiMaggio is Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. He has written widely in the fields of organization theory, economic sociology, and sociology of culture, and is coeditor, with Walter Powell, of "The New Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis".


"An important addition to the literature on organizations and economic sociology. Major scholars in sociology and other areas contributed to this collection of original essays, which is blessed by coherent introductory and concluding essays by the editor."--Richard H. Hall, Contemporary Sociology "The Twenty-First Century Firm is highly successful in unpacking the concept of network forms of organization."--Martin Ruef, Administrative Science Quarterly
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