The Eel

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This important book covering the biology, ecology, breeding and commercial significance of the eel is an outstanding piece of fisheries literature. It has been updated in the present third revised edition using findings from more than 500 new scientific publications. The Eel is written with great scientific competence, in clear language for all in the fishing industry. It discusses various species of eels, their distribution, body shape and function, their migration to and from spawning grounds, and eel behavior. Other topics developed include stock replenishment measures, aquaculture, diseases, anomalies and parasites, commercial eel catching and importance from rod fishing. Supported by the Fisheries Society of the British Isles


* Body structure and functions * Developmental Stages and Distribution of the Eel Species * Post--larval ecology and behaviour * Harvest and environmental relationships * Fishing Methods * Eel Culture * Diseases, parasites, and bodily damage * World Trade and Processing * References


"This is a new translation of an extremely important book. The Eel is the standard work on the genus...It is essential reading and a reference for scientists and aquaculturists, eel fishermen, angling clubs and river managers...A fascinating book, even for a lay person, it answers so many questions that one has about this a slippery creaturea ." Sherkin Comment, Environmental Quarterly of Sherkin Island Marine Station, 2004 "This English translation of the third German edition contains new infomation from over 500 published papers." CAB Abstracts, 2005 "In the comprehensive third edition of this text and the first English translation, Friefrich Texch covers the biology, ecology, breeding, and commercial significance of the eel. This revised and updated text includes findings from more than 500 new scientific publications." Journal of the American Water Resources Association
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