Eighteenth-Century Poetry

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The second edition of this popular anthology reveals the rich variety of poetry produced in the period 1700-1800.
New edition of this popular anthology of eighteenth-century poetry.
Reveals the rich variety of poetry produced in this period.
Traditionally prominent authors, such as Pope, Swift, Burns and Cowper, are represented alongside lesser-known writers, particularly women.
For the second edition, the political and satirical content of the anthology has been strengthened with the inclusion of poems such as Charles Churchill's "Night," Samuel Johnson's "London" and Swift's "A Satirical Elegy on a Late Famous General."
The revised edition includes material by two new women poets, Martha Sansom and Sarah Dixon.
The editors continue to draw out interesting links between poems, and especially between male and female poets.


Selected Contents By Theme.Alphabetical List Of Authors.Chronology Of Events And Poetic Landmarks.Introduction.Preface To The Second Edition.Editorial Procedures.Text.Acknowledgements.John Pomfret (1667-1702).The Choice.John Philips (1676-1709).The Splendid Shilling.Sarah Egerton (1670-1723).The Liberty.On My Leaving London.To One Who Said I Must Not Love.The Emulation.Isaac Watts (1674-1748).The Adventurous Muse.Ambrose Philips (1674-1748).A Winter-Piece.Anne Finch (1661-1720).The Spleen.Upon The Hurricane.A Nocturnal Reverie.To The Nightingale.A Sigh.The Agreeable.John Gay (1685-1732).Friday; Or, The Dirge.Trivia, Book II.Thomas Parnell (1679-1718).An Elegy, To An Old Beauty.A Night-Piece On Death.Oft Have I Read.Matthew Prior (1664-1721).For His Own Epitaph.An Epitaph.The Lady's Looking-Glass.Non Pareil.On A Pretty Madwoman.Jonathan Swift (1667-1745).A Description Of The Morning .A Description Of A City Shower .Stella's Birthday, 1721 .Stella's Birthday, 1727 .A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed .The Lady's Dressing-Room.A Satirical Elegy On A Late Famous General.Verses On The Death Of Dr Swift.Alexander Pope (1688-1744).Windsor-Forest The Rape Of The Lock.Eloisa To Abelard.Epistle To Burlington.Epistle To A Lady.Epistle To Dr Arbuthnot.The Dunciad. 1743, Book 1.Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762).Saturday. The Small-Pox .Epistle From Arthur Gray The Footman .The Lover: A Ballad .An Epistle To Lord Bathurst .Verses Address'd To The Imitator Of Horace (With Lord Hervey) .Verses On Self-Murder.A Hymn To The Mood.Aaron Hill (1685-1750).Bellaria, At Her Spinnet.Whitehall Stairs.The Singing-Bird.Alone, In An Inn, At Southampton.Richard Savage (C.1697-1743).The Bastard.Unconstant.Martha Fowke (1689-1736).The Innocent Inconstant.The Invitation From A Country Cottage.On Lady Chudleigh.Clio's Picture.James Thomson (1700-1748).Spring.John Dyer (1699-1757).Grongar Hill.The Fleece, Book 3.Stephen Duck (1705?-1756).The Thresher's Labour.Mary Collier (1690?-C.1762).The Woman's Labour.Sarah Dixon (171-1765).Strephon To The River.The Return'd Heart.To The Muse.From A Sheet Of Gilt Paper. To Cloe.Lines Occasion'd By The Burning Of Some Letters.Samuel Johnson (1709-1784).London.On The Death Of Dr Robert Levet.Mary Jones (1707-1778).An Epistle To Lady Bowyer.Of Desire.After The Small Pox.Mary Leapor Dorinda At Her Glass .An Epistle To A Lady .The Enquiry .Man The Monarch .An Epistle To Artemisia .Crumble-Hall.Mary Leapor (1722-1746).Dorinda At Her Glass.An Epistle To A Lady.The Enquiry.Man The Monarch.An Epistle To Artemisia.Crumble-Hall.Mira's Picture.Mark Akenside (1721-1770).The Pleasures Of Imagination. 1744, Book 1.Thomas Gray (1716-1771).Ode On The Spring.Sonnet On The Death Of Richard West.Ode On A Distant Prospect Of Eton College.Ode On The Death Of A Favourite Cat.Elegy Written In A Country Church Yard.The Progress Of Poesy.The Bard.William Collins (1721-1759).Ode On The Poetical Character.Ode To Evening.The Passions.An Ode For Music.Joseph Warton (1722-1800).The Enthusiast: Or The Lover Of Nature.Ode To Evening.The Dying India.Thomas Warton (1728-1790).The Pleasures Of Melancholy.Ode Written At Vale-Royal Abbey.Sonnet: To The River Lodon.Verses On Sir Joshua Reynold's Painted Window.Robert Lloyd (1733-1764).The Cit's Country Box.Charles Churchill (1731-1764).Night.Christopher Smart (1722-1771).'My Cat Jeoffry'.A Song To David.On A Bed Of Guernsey Lilies.James Macpherson (1736-1796).Fragments Of Ancient Poetry: 7 & 8.Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770).Mynstrelles Songe, From Alla.'Stay, Curyous Traveller'.An Excelente Balade Of Charitie.Oliver Goldsmith (?1730-1774).The Deserted Village.George Crabbe (1754-1832).The Village, Book 1.Ann Yearsley (1753-1806).To Stella; On A Visit To Mrs Montagu.On Mrs Montagu.Clifton Hill.To Mr , An Unlettered Poet.Robert Burns (1759-1796).The Vision.To A Mouse.To A Louse.Holy Willie's Prayer.Tam o'Shanter.Anna Laetitia Barbauld (1743-1825).Corsica.A Summer Evening's Meditation.To Mr Barbauld.The Rights Of Woman.To A Little Invisible Being.To Mr Coleridge.William Cowper (1731-1800).'Hatred And Vengeance'.The Task, Book 1.Yardley Oak.On The Ice-Islands.The Cast-Away.Bibliography.Index of Titles and First Lines


David Fairer is Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature at the University of Leeds. He is the author of Pope's Imagination (1984), The Poetry of Alexander Pope (1989) and English Poetry of the Eighteenth Century (2003). He is the editor of Pope: New Contexts (1990) and The Correspondence of Thomas Warton (1995). Christine Gerrard is a Fellow and Tutor in English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She is the author of The Patriot Opposition to Walpole: Politics, Poetry, and National Myth, 1725-1742 (1994) and Aaron Hill: The Muses' Projector, 1685-1750 (2003).


"Eighteenth-Century Poetry: An Annotated Anthology is simply the best or even the only eighteenth-century poetry anthology to use in undergraduate and graduate survey courses. The annotation is rich and detailed, the headnotes and introductory matter are superb and the selections wisely chosen. This is an edition that I treasure." John Richetti, University of Pennsylvania "This is one of those rare books that reshapes and reanimates a field of inquiry. Fairer and Gerrard know their subject as well as anyone, and this anthology gives us all the benefit of their erudition, insight and critical tact." John Sitter, Emory University "The volume, handsomely produced, is annotated economically, with a sure instinct for what a reader will find puzzling, whilst the head notes are compact, informative and lucid. The balance of the famous and the obscure is perfectly struck." English Studies
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