Flatweaves of Turkey

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Oktober 2003



"Flatweaves of Turkey" reflects the authors' enthusiasm for kilims and related flat-woven textiles. They consider that those made by mainly nomadic and village women in Turkey have the most varied and innovative designs, and are among the most beautifully colored of all weavings. A wide range of kilim types from diverse regions of Turkey is brilliantly illustrated. The authors have provided an accurate account of the various weaving techniques, with separate sections devoted to the historical importance of textiles, the materials, and the dyes used to obtain the glorious colors of the past. The text is written from the enthusiast-collector's point of view, rather than from that of the dealer.


Part 1; Introductory essays; Man and Textiles; Flatweaves and their Uses; Materials; Colours and Dyeing; Techniques; Part 2; Plates and text; 118 colour plates, each with accompanying descriptive text; With glossary, notes on the pronunciation of Turkish, selected bibliography, and index.


Arend Bandsma and Robin Brandt have traveled through Turkey on innumerable occasions over the last twenty years making field studies, and seeking out the weavings. They have previously published three books on insects, with particular emphasis on close up photography.
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