A Seaside Album: Photographs and Memory

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September 2003



This book reproduces a selection of 150 fine photographs of Brighton and Hove that portray the changing face and character of this colorful seaside town and its residents over nearly a century and a half. The book includes historic daguerreotypes from the 1840s by William Constables and a remarkable series of paper negatives and albumen prints by Edward Fox from the 1850s and 1860s. The book underlines the attraction of Brighton and Hove to visiting photographers--the architecture, people and activity that provided endless inspiration.


Philippe Garner's publications include "Cecil Beaton" (1994 with David Alan Mellor), "Sixties Design" (1996), and" John Cowan Through the Light Barrier" (1999). He has acted as curator for exhibitions of photographs in museums in London, Paris and Tokyo.
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