Masculinity and Men's Lifestyle Magazines

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August 2003



This book explores the burgeoning genre of men's lifestyle magazines, their production and consumption, and related constructions of masculinity.
Interdisciplinary exploration of the burgeoning genre of men's lifestyle magazines.
Addresses key questions about the production and consumption of men's lifestyle magazines, and their contribution to current gender politics.
Contributors make use of a range of methodologies, including interviews with magazine editors, focus groups with readers, corpus linguistics and discourse analysis.
Draws on scholarship from sociology, media studies, cultural studies and linguistics.
Uses new research data, including comparative data from different countries, gay magazines and sporting magazines.


Preface: Jonathan Rutherford (University of Middlesex). Introduction: Masculinity and Men's Lifestyle Magazines: Bethan Benwell (University of Stirling). Part I: Genealogies of Masculinity:. 1. Power and the Production of Subjects: A Genealogy of the New Man and the New Lad: Rosalind Gill (London School of Economics and Political Science). 2. A Pedigree of the Consuming Male: Masculinity, Consumption and the American 'Leisure Class': Bill Osgerby (London Metropolitan University). Part II: Cultures of Production of Consumption:. 1. Class, Masculinity and Editorial Identity in the Reformation of the UK Men's Press: Ben Crewe (Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge). 2. Reading Men's Lifestyle Magazine: Cultural Power and the information Society: Nick Stevenson (author), Peter Jackson (University of Sheffield) and Kate Brooks (University of the West of England). 3. Sex, Booze and Fags: Masculinity, Style and Men's Magazines: Tim Edwards (University of Leicester). Part III: Discursive Constructions of Masculinity:. 1. Ambiguous Masculinities: Heroism and Anti--Heroism in the Men's Lifestyle Magazine: Bethan Benwell (University of Stirling). 2. 'I've Always Loved Women': The Representation of the Male Sex Worker in Maxim: Yolande Taylor (freelance editor) and Jane Sunderland (Lancaster University). Part IV: Comparative Masculinities:. 1. Lifestyle Sport Magazines and the Discourses of Sporting Masculinity: Belinda Wheaton (University of Brighton's Chelsea School Research Centre). 2. The Language of Japanese Men's Magazines: Young Men Who Don't Want To Get Hurt: Keiko Tanaka (Oxford Brookes University). 3. No Effeminates Please: A Corpus--Based Analysis of Masculinity via Personal Adverts in Gay News/Times 1973--2000: Paul Baker (Lancaster University). Notes on Contributors. Index.


Bethan Benwell is a lecturer in English language and linguistics in the Department of English Studies at Stirling University. Her research interests include language and gender, educational linguistics and discourse in mena s lifestyle magazines and (with Stokoe) student identity in tutorial discourse. She is currently co--writing a book Discourse and Identity with Elizabeth Stokoe and continues to research popular cultural realisations of masculinity.
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