Time Series Analysis and Inverse Theory for Geophysicists

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Covering spectral analysis as well as inversion of geophysical data, David Gubbins introduces the necessary theory and techniques and then demonstrates how they may be practically applied to interpret various types of geophysical signals, including seismic, magnetic and gravity data. Featuring summary boxes, extensive mathematical and computing exercises (solutions and software available on the Internet), and a set of mathematical appendices, this textbook will prove invaluable to geophysics students and instructors.


1. Introduction; Part I. Processing: 2. Mathematical preliminaries; 3. Practical estimation of spectra; 4. Filtering; 5. Processing two-dimensional data; Part II. Inversion: 6. Linear parameter estimation; 7. The underdetermined problem; 8. Nonlinear inverse problems; 9. Continuous inverse theory; Part III. Applications: 10. Fourier analysis as an inverse problem; 11. Seismic travel times and tomography; 12. Geomagnetism; Appendix 1. Fourier series; Appendix 2. The Fourier integral transform; Appendix 3. Shannon's sampling theorem; Appendix 4. Linear algebra; Appendix 5. Vector spaces and the function space; Appendix 6. Lagrange multipliers and penalty parameters; Appendix 7. Files for the computer exercises; References; Index.
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