Physicalism and Mental Causation

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This book presents a range of essays on the conceptual foundations of physicalism, mental causation and human agency, written by established and leading authors in the field


Preface Part I: Conceptual Foundations: Realization, Supervenience, and the Characterization of Physicalism ========= Introduction John Heil, Multiply Realized Properties Carl Gillett, Non-Reductive Realization and Non-Reductive Identity: What Physicalism Does Not Entail Gene Witmer, Multiple Realizability and Psychological Laws: Evaluating Kim's Challenge Paul Noordhof, Not Old ... But Not That New Either: Explicability, Emergence, and the Characterisation of Materialism John Bolender, A Farewell to Isms Part II: Overdetermination and the Causal Closure of the Physical =============== Introduction E.J. Lowe, Physical Causal Closure and the Invisibility of Mental Causation Andrew Melnyk, Some Evidence for Physicalism Barbara Montero, Varieties of Causal Closure Part III: Mental Causation and the Problem of Causal/Explanatory Exclusion =============== Introduction Peter Menzies, The Causal Efficacy of Mental States Paul Raymont, Kim on Closure, Exclusion and Nonreductive Physicalism Ausonio Marras, Methodological and Ontological Aspects of the Mental Causation Problem Part IV: Causality and Human Agency =========== Introduction Noa Latham, Are There Any Non-Motivating Reasons for Action? Ralf Stoecker, Climbers, Pigs and Wiggled Ears: The Problem of Waywardness in Action Theory Terence Horgan, John Tienson, George Graham, The Phenomenology of First-Person Agency Bibliography Notes on Contributors Name Index Subject Index
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