Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution

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Adam Burgess' study is the first account of the health panic surrounding cellular phones that developed in the mid 1990s. Explaining that the related health anxieties had little substantial basis, Burgess traces the origins of the panic and how and why it grew so significantly in some societies, but not in others. The book also outlines a history and sociology of the cell phone, and compares popular reactions to other technologies, such as x-rays and radar.


1. Introductory chapter: themes, influences; phones and risk; 2. The mobile 'revolution'; 3. Mobile discontents and the origins of microwave fears; 4. Radiating uncertainty; 5. Diffusing anxiety: international dissemination and national responses to mobile fears; 6. The culture of precaution; 7. Problems of precaution and responsibility.


'Adam Burgess's fascinating and frequently polemical book highlights the perils of precautionary thinking.' The Lancet 'Burgess' book remains a salutary lesson in the social construction of fears, which will undoubtedly be used to inform similar episodes in the years ahead.' Spiked 'I found it thought-provoking and can strongly recommend it as a fascinating study of the interaction between science and society.' Tony Barker, consultant clinical scientist at Royal Hallamshire Hospital and chairman of the IEE's Policy Advisory Group on Biological Effects of Low-level Electromagnetic Fields '... Burgess's study of mobile phones contains a general and worrying message of small or non-existent risk being emphasised to advance social policy and influence the direction of scientific research.' The British Medical Journal '... Adam Burgess' important book is the first major work to examine the history and dynamics of the scare.' New Media and Society
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