Delineating Wales: Legal and Constitutional Aspects of National Devolution

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Dezember 2003



This text evaluates the legal and constitutional aspects of devolution. Drawing on interviews with those responsible for the devolutionary scheme, it considers the internal architecture and operation of the National Assembly, and Wales's relationship with Britain and the European Union.


Richard Rawlings is Professor of Law at the London School of Economics.


'...It is a comprehensive and authoritative account of the devolution settlement in Wales, and a major contribution to the literature on devolution more generally. The University of Wales Press should feel proud: it is a beautifully edited and produced book, which is a real pleasure to read.' Contemporary Wales 'This is one of the two most important books about Welsh society and politics to appear in our generation...Rawlings gives us a magisterial account of the civic institutions that are being put in place...Delineating Wales brilliantly describes the emerging political culture of civic Wales.' Planet. 'Rawlings has produced a masterful guide to Welsh devolution, which should be read by all with an interest in the modern public law in the United Kingdom.' Modern Law Review '...admirably comprehensive and microscopically detailed study...a valuable legal take on where we are now and where we might go from here'.Public Administration
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