Newspaper Coverage of Interethnic Conflict: Competing Visions of America

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''Over the past three decades, United States foreign policy, new immigrant communities, and increasing global economic interdependence have contributed to an increasingly complex political economy in AmericaÆs major cities. For instance, recent immigration from Asia and Latin America has generated cultural anxiety and racial backlash among a number of ethnic communities in America. ''Newspaper Coverage of Interethnic Conflict: Competing Visions of America examines mainstream and ethnic minority news coverage of interethnic conflicts in Miami, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. Authors Hemant Shah and Michael C. Thornton investigate the role of news in racial formation, the place of ethnic minority media in the public sphere, and how these competing visions of America are part of ongoing social and political struggles to construct, define, and challenge the meanings of race and nation. The authors suggest that mainstream newspapers reinforce dominant racial ideology while ethnic minority newspapers provide an important counter-hegemonic view of U.S. race relations. ''Features of this text''Pioneering and extensive comparisons of the mainstream and ethnic minority press Unique comparative focus on relations among ethnic minorities Both traditional quantitative and qualitative content analysis methods used to examine news stories Informed by the sociological theory known as 'racial formation,' which previously has not been applied to the field of mass communication research. The general process of racial formation and the role of news in that process will be compelling to anyone studying the social construction of racial categories. Newspaper Coverage of Interethnic Conflict is highly recommended for students and scholars in the fields of Journalism, Mass Communications, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, and Sociology.''


Part I
1. Introduction
2. Miami, 1989
3. Washington, D.C., 1991
Part II
4. Los Angeles, 1992
5. Los Angeles Times Coverage of Los Angeles
6. La Opinion Coverage of Los Angeles
7. African American Newspaper Coverage of Los Angeles
8. Asian American Newspaper Coverage of Los Angeles
9. Conclusions
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
About the Authors


Hemant Shah is Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication and Asian American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before moving to Madison, he earned a doctorate in mass communication at Indiana University and taught at Iowa State University. His BA is in communication and sociology from University of California-San Diego and his MA is in communication studies from Purdue University. He has published extensively in the in the areas of international communication and media representations of race and ethnicity in Communication Theory, Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Howard Journal of Communication, Journalism Monographs, and Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.


"Probably the first comprehensive, empirically based examination of how minority and mainstream news of organizations simultaneously cover interethnic strife, this well-documented book is an excellent companion to Oscar Gandy's 'Communication and Race' and is well suited for cross-cultural reporting courses, which are increasingly taught in the nation's journalism schools."
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