Seamus Heaney

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The first critical guide to all Seaums Heaney's writings -- poetry, prose and translations. Arranged thematically.


Preoccupying questions - Heaney's prose; continuous adjudication - binary oppositions and the field of force; writing in the sand - poetry and transformation; surviving amphibiously - poetry and politics; a bright nowhere - the deconstruction of place; through-otherness - the deconstruction of language; Nobel causes - Heaney and Yeats.


Eugene O'Brien teaches at the University of Limerick and at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. He also works as a tutor for Oscail, the Irish distance learning project. He has published two books, The Question of Irish Identity in the Writings of William Butler Yeats and James Joyce and The Epistemology of Nationalism. He has published over twenty articles in various international academic journals. He is also the commissioning editor of a series of Irish Studies monographs entitled Ireland in Theory.

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