Folktales on Stage: Children's Plays for Reader's Theater (or Readers Theatre), with 16 Scripts from World Folk and Fairy Tales

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September 2003



"Folktales on Stage" is a collection of reader's theater scripts for young readers, adapted by award-winning children's author Aaron Shepard from his own folktale retellings. A wide variety of countries and cultures is represented, including Native America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, and China. The scripts may be freely copied for educational, noncommercial purposes. While aiming mostly at ages 8 to 15, the collection features a full range of reading levels.


Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of numerous children's books and magazine stories, as well as three books on reader's theater, "Stories on Stage," "Folktales on Stage," and "Readers on Stage." He spent five years as a professional actor in reader's theater, performing in schools and conducting workshops for teachers, librarians, and students. He now hosts Aaron Shepard's RT Page, the Web's most popular reader's theater destination, with visits by thousands of teachers and librarians each week.



"The Adventures of Mouse Deer" (Indonesia, Malaysia)

"The Calabash Kids" (Tanzania)

"The Hidden One" (Native America)

"The Boy Who Wanted the Willies" (Europe)

"The Princess Mouse" (Finland)

"The Legend of Slappy Hooper" (U.S.)

"The Gifts of Wali Dad" (India, Pakistan)

"The Baker's Dozen" (U.S.)

"Master Maid" (Norway)

"The Magic Brocade" (China)

"Forty Fortunes" (Iran)

"Master Man" (Nigeria)

"Savitri" (India)

"The Enchanted Storks" (Iraq)

"The Crystal Heart" (Vietnam)

"The Sea King's Daughter" (Russia)


"Aaron Shepard is a national treasure. He has given thousands of us busy teachers and librarians a gold mine of ready-made plays our students clamor to perform over and over. Aaron's new collection never fails to delight and enthrall. While the experts argue about the 'right' way to teach reading, Aaron is in the middle of the action, inspiring our kids to read aloud with fluency, comprehension, expression, and best of all, joy." -- Judy Freeman, Author, "More Books Kids Will Sit Still For"

"Aaron Shepard has done it! 'Folktales on Stage' is a complete package of easy-to-perform, dynamic reader's theater scripts. Pack your passport and take a trip around the world. You and your actors will have a world of fun." -- Dr. Caroline Feller Bauer, Author, "Presenting Reader's Theater" and "New Handbook for Storytellers"

"What a gift for the classroom teacher! Pure reading pleasure and not a single script that can't be used with small groups or an entire class. Performance reading builds fluency, but Aaron Shepard's gift for storytelling will also build appreciation. This collection will be a rich addition to reading programs in our balanced literacy classrooms." -- Susan Finney, Author, "Independent Reading Activities That Keep Kids Learning While You Teach Small Groups"

"What a great resource! These easy-to-use scripts are just the thing for the social studies or language arts curriculum. With thorough dire




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