Economic Expansion in the Byzantine Empire, 900-1200

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Oktober 2003



In this book Dr. Harvey shows that if we broaden our comprehension of feudalism, the economic developments of the Byzantine empire and the medieval West were far more comparable than Byzantine historians have been prepared to admit. Previous interpretations have linked economic trends too closely to the political fortunes of the state, and have consequently regarded the twelfth century as a period of economic stagnation. Yet there is considerable evidence that during this period, the empire's population expanded, agricultural production intensified, coinage in circulation increased, and towns revived. Dr. Harvey's conclusions will affect all future interpretations of the general course of Byzantine history. and call for a reassessment of the whole nature and social structure of the Byzantine economy.


Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Glossary; Maps; Introduction; 1. The early medieval period; 2. Demographic growth and social relations; 3. Taxation and monetary circulation; 4. Agricultural production; 5. The pattern of demand; 6. Interaction between town and country; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"This book is most useful and interesting for its analysis of the Byzantine data; the degree of similarity between this economy and western European ones is a subject which invites further elaboration." Angeliki E. Laiou, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History
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