Restructuring Territoriality: Europe and the United States Compared

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Is globalization and European integration transforming the basic structure of politics in European nations? Is it eroding basic institutions like national sovereignty, citizenship, social security, and democracy? Is the European Union (EU) a new kind of political institution, differing from a traditional national state? The essays in this volume find that European integration and internationalization has transformed political institutions and styles of governing. However, they argue as well that the U.S. offers important insights into the way EU politics and institutions work.


Part I. Theoretical Frameworks: 1. Restructuring territoriality and authority Christopher K. Ansell; 2. Old and new peripheries in the processes of European territorial integration Stefano Bartolini; 3. Center-periphery alignments and political contention in Late-Modern Europe Sidney Tarrow; Part II. The Transformation of Governance: 4. Sovereignty and territoriality in the European Union: transforming the UK institutional order James A. Caporaso and Joseph Jupille; 5. Social citizenship in the European Union: towards a spatial reconfiguration? Maurizio Ferrera; 6. Islands of transnational governance Alex Stone Sweet; 7. Regional integration and left parties in Europe and North America Gary Marks and Ian Down; Part III. Europe-US Comparisons: 8. The European Union in American perspective: the transformation of territorial sovereignty in Europe and the United States Sergio Fabbrini; 9. Is the democratic deficit a deficiency: the case of immigration policy in the US and EU Bruce Cain; 10. Territory, representation, and political outcome: the United States and the European Union compared Alberta Sbragia; Part IV. Concluding Thoughts: 11. Territoriality, authority, democracy Christopher K. Ansell; 12. Postscript: what inefficient history and malleable practices say about nation states and supranational democracy when territoriality in no longer exclusive Giuseppe Di Palma.


'This important collection will shape the next wave of scholarship in comparative politics.' David S. Meyer, University of California, Irvine 'Ansell and DiPalma have achieved a rarity in contemporary scholarship: a genuine contribution to the accumulation of knowledge in the social sciences.' Jeffery Anderson, Georgetown University
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