Northeast Asia's Stunted Regionalism: Bilateral Distrust in the Shadow of Globalization

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A comprehensive picture of the pursuit of regionalism across Northeast Asia in the years following the Cold War.


1. Introduction: the challenge of the NEA region; 2. Exiting the 1980s: cold war logic and national aspirations; 3. 1991-3: border fever and cross-border duplicity; 4. 1994-6: civilization bridges and historical distrust; 5. 1997-8: strategic partnerships and national rivalries; 6. 1999-2000: sunshine policies and security dilemmas; 7. 2001-3: unilateralism and irrepressible regionalism; 8. Conclusion: lessons for constructing regionalism in NEA.


Gilbert Rozman is Musgrave Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. He is the author or editor of many books, including Japan and Russia: The Tortuous Path to Normalization, 1949-1999 (2000).


'This book is a must read for students of Asian international relations and regionalism. ... his book breaks new ground by tracing the process of identity formation and transformation and the interaction of identities ... Rozman's book is thus a much-needed correction to the prevalent parsimonious scholarship of economists or realists who assume certain human nature and interests, ... Rozman provides common themes to organize his nuanced analysis of the intricate interplays between perceptions and realities ... Rozman makes a very strong statement, that is, national identities prevail over economics and security. ... Rozman's book will surely prepare one for the bumpy road ahead.' International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
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