The Creativity of God

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Theological tradition has lost its sense of the created nature of the world, leading to a complete break between the way we know God and the world. The Johannine tradition of creation through the Word and a Eucharistic semiotic of Christ as the embodied creative speech of God serve to reintegrate Christian cosmology. This book sets out "a new understanding" of reality, as encountered in and through Jesus Christ, and explores new modes of ecclesial reasoning.


INTRODUCTION: THE cOSMOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE; Part I. AN ARCHAEOLOGY oF CREATEDNESS: 1. The architecture of createdness; 2. The metaphysics of createdness; 3. Cosmological fragments; Part II. Scriptural Cosmology: 4. Speech revealed; 5. Spirit and letter; 6. Voice and sacrifice; Part III. Eucharistic Wisdom: 7. The abundant real; 8. Wisdom of the flesh; 9. Eucharistic reasoning; Conclusion: Cosmology and the theological imagination.


Oliver Davies is Reader in Philosophical Theology at the University of Wales, Lampeter. He is also a visiting fellow at the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford. He is the author of Silence and the Word (2002) and has co-edited, with Denys Turner, A Theology of Compassion (2001).


"Davies produces a work that is at once radical and very traditional for a Western theology--one that is well worth reading." James W. Farwell, The General Theological Seminary
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