The Roman Banquet

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Februar 2004



Richly illustrated, The Roman Banquet offers a full and varied picture of the role of the banquet in Roman life.


1. Romans, Greeks and others on the banqueting couch; 2. Place-settings; 3. Public dining; 4. Drinking in the tomb; 5. Banqueting in late antiquity; 6. The last banqueters.


Katherine M. D. Dunbabin is Professor Emerita of Classics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. A scholar of the British School at Rome, a Humboldt Fellow, a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, and a Jackson Lecturer at Harvard University, she is also the author of Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World.


'Dunbabin is refreshingly open-minded in her responses ... The book is a thorough and scholarly analysis of images ... it provides an accessible overview of the representations of dining ... For the teacher there is much that can be of benefit because it is so good at setting familiar objects in an artistic and social context.' Journal of Classics Teaching '... a fascinating and beautiful book to own.' Classical Association News 'An extensive and rich corpus of architecture, mosaics and wall paintings, sculpture, pottery and metalware is examined thoroughly in The Roman Banquet ... Keenly alert to the sociological functions, the scholarship is sturdy; and the production is excellent.' Antiquity 'This book is highly commendable, with integrity of structure and content, exhaustive use of material sources, and a high level of scholarship. Moreover, these aspects are presented in a lucid style and reinforced with some excellent plans and images.' Minerva 'The book is commanding in its range of visual materials ... and in its spread across the empire, as well as in its chronological sweep into late antiquity. It is exemplary in its judicious carefulness ... It has all the merits, in short, of profound knowledge ... huge experience, and impressive control of the materials ...' Art History 'This book is filled with the strengths that we have come to expect of [Dunbabin's] work and provides a very useful overview of the development and different contexts of the banquet scene in Roman art, reflecting the current opinions of scholarship in the many area on which it touches.' Journal of Roman Studies 'Its command and breadth of material means that it will be key reading for many years to come.' Hermathena
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