Philosophy and the Emotions

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November 2008



This major volume of original essays traces the role of emotions in human nature through a discussion of the relationship between consciousness and body. It analyzes the importance of emotion for human agency and explores questions of value at the political, ethical and personal levels. Leading researchers reflect on the nature of human feelings; how and why we understand what other people feel, and how our values become involved in such emotions as guilt, fear, shame, amusement, or love.


1. Emotions, thoughts and feelings: what is a 'cognitive theory' of the emotions and does it neglect affectivity? Robert C. Solomon; 2. Emotions and their philosophy of mind Richard Wollheim; 3. Basic emotions, complex emotions, Machiavellian emotions Paul E. Griffiths; 4. Emotion, psychosemantics, and embodied appraisals Jesse Prinz; 5. Emotions and the problem of other minds Hanna Pickard; 6. Emotional feelings and intentionalism Anthony Hatzimoysis; 7. Emotions, rationality and mind/body Patricia Greenspan; 8. The significance of recalcitrant emotion (or, anti-quasijudgmentalism) Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson; 9. The logic of emotions Aaron Ben-Ze'ev; 10. Emotion and desire in self-deception Alfred R. Mele; 11. Emotion, weakness of will, and the normative conception of agency Karen Jones; 12. Narrative and perspective; values and appropriate emotions Peter Goldie; 13. Passion and politics Susan James; 14. Don't worry, feel guilty J. David Velleman.
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