Fichte's Transcendental Philosophy: The Original Duplicity of Intelligence and Will

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Juni 2005



The first book in English on Fichte's major works - examines the transcendental theory of self.


Acknowledgments; Method of citation for Fichte's and Kant's works; Key to Fichte's works cited; Introduction; Part I. Thinking about Thinking: 1. Completing Kant's transcendental idealism; 2. An eye for an I; Part II. Knowing and Doing: 3. Positing and determining; 4. Changing the appearance; Part III. Thinking and Willing: 5. Willing as thinking; 6. Ideal thinking and real thinking; Part IV. Pure Willing: 7. Determination to self-determination; 8. The unity of intelligence and will; Notes; Bibliography.


"This book is a welcome addition to recent work in English on Fichte, work that seeks to recover and to examine Fichte's contributions to European philosophy." William F. Bristow, Ethics "...Zoeller's sympathetic reading of Fichte brings new unity to an understanding of his thought." Elizabeth Millian-Zaibert, Philosophy in Review "...Zoller has written a substantial and timel treatment of a very important subject." Fred L. Rush, Jr., Review of Metaphysics
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