Early Oregon Days

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Januar 1987



How did people travel in the good old days? This book traces the history of transportation in the West, particularly into Oregon. It features old photos, maps, drawings, advertisements and transportation schedules that illustrate how improvements were made, with emphasis on the development of the railroad.


Edwin D. Culp was born in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from University of Oregon with a major in Business-Journalism. His life work was in public relations for one of the largest rail carriers and he attended various Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions clubs. He and his wife, Florence made their home in Salem, Oregon.


"Railroad buffs in particular will find ample material here for their interests; much of Oregon's history was founded on those early tracks, and there are photos, timetables, routings, and advertising materials galore filling the pages of this book. The quality of the photos Mr. Culp has chosen is excellent, and their reproduction is sharp and clear; in addition, his information is fascinating and tells a great deal about the history of rail travel in Oregon from the time of the first Baldwin locomotive through the United Railways and Oregon Electric trains as well as the Portland interurban and streetcar service." - Marlene Y. Satter, The News, Salem, AR
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