Sequences and their Applications

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September 1999



This volume contains the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Sequences and Their Applications which was held at the River View Ho­ tel in Singapore during December 14-17, 1998. The program of this conference was arranged by a committee consisting of Claude Carlet (University of Caen) , Agnes Chan (Northeastern University), Cunsheng Ding (National University of Singapore, co-chair), Dieter Gollmann (Microsoft Research), Tor Helleseth (Uni­ versity of Bergen, co-chair), Kyoki Imamura (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Andrew Klapper (University of Kentucky), Vijay Kumar (University of Southern California), Siu Lun Ma (National University of Singapore), Harald Niederreiter (A ustrian Academy of Sciences, co-chair), Dilip Sarwate (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Hans Schotten (Aachen University of Technology), Jeffrey Shallit (University of Waterloo), Neil Sloane (AT&T Shannon Lab), and Aimo Tietiivajnen (University of Turku). The local organization was in the hands of Cunsheng Ding, Kwok Van Lam (chair), Sjauntele Lau, and Sew Kiok Toh, all of the National University of Singapore. The idea for the conference grew out of the recognition that sequences in discrete structures like the ring of integers, residue class rings of the integers, and finite fields have found many important applications in modern information and communication technologies. Among these applications we mention cryp­ tographic schemes, ranging systems, spread spectrum communication systems, multi-terminal system identification, code-division mUltiple-access communica­ tion systems, global positioning systems, software testing, circuit testing, and computer simulation. There are also connections between sequences in discrete structures and error-correcting codes.


Invited Contributions: The Ubiquitous Prouhet-Thue-Morse Sequence - J.-P. Allouche and J. Shallit . On Ideal Autocorrelation Sequences Arising from Hyperovals - A. Chang, S. W. Golomb, G. Gong and P. V. Kumar. Cyclic Hadamard Difference Sets - Constructions and Applications - S. W. Golomb. Correlation of m-Sequences and Related Topics - T. Helleseth . Some Computable Complexity Measures for Binary Sequences - H. Niederreiter. Meeting the Welch Bound with Equality - D. V. Sarwate. My Favorite Integer Sequences - N. J. A. Sloane.- Regular Contributions: Complementary Interpolants and a Welch-Berlekamp-style Algorithm - M. A. Armand . Multiscale Coarse-graining Invariant Sequences - A. Barb. Regular Cosets and Upper Bounds on the Linear Complexity of Certain Sequences - P. Caballero-Gil . Hadamard Matrices, Self-dual Codes over the Integers Modulo 4 and their Gray Images - C. Charnes. On Constructing Balanced Correlation Immune Functions - T. W. Cusick. On Bispecial Words and Subword Complexity of D0L Sequences - A Frid and S. V. Avgustinovich . On the Distribution of the Power Generator - J. B. Friedlander, D. Lieman and I. E. Shparlinski. Edit Probability Correlation Attack on the Alternating Step Generator - J. Dj. Golic and R. Menicocci. Automaticity of Solutions of Mahler Equations - F. von Haeseler and W. Jürgensen. Correlation Distribution of the Quaternary Kasami Sequences - T. Helleseth, P. V. Kumar, H. M. Martinsen and O. N. Vassbakk . Multicovering Radii of Reed-Muller Codes and the Existence of Secure Stream Ciphers - I. Honkala and A. Klapper. Inclusion Relations of Boolean Functions Satisfying PC(l) of Order k - T. Iwata and K. Kurosawa. Notes on q-ary Interleaved Sequences - S. Jiang, Z.-D. Dai and G. Gong . A New Algorithm for the k-Error Linear Complexity of Sequences over GF(pm) with Period pn - T. Kaida, S. Uehara and K. Imamura . Sequences of I.I.D. Binary Random Variables Using Chaotic Dynamics - T. Kohda . Explicit SequenceExpansions - D. Kohel, S. Ling and C. Xing . Counting Functions and Expected Values in the Stability Theory of Stream Ciphers -H. Niederreiter and H. Paschinger . On-line Constraint-based Pattern Matching on Sequences - V. A. Oleshchuk . On the Randomness of a Äd,kÜ Self-decimation Stream Key Generator - F. Sato and K. Kurosawa. Sequence Families with Optimum Aperiodic Mean-Square. Correlation Parameters - H. D. Schotten Period and Linear Complexity of Cascaded Clock-controlled Generators - C. H. Tan. Feedback with Carry Shift Registers over Z/(N) - J. Xu and A. Klapper.- Author Index.
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