Evolutionary Web Development

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August 2000



Examining the evolution of Web information systems, this text pays particular attention to the emergent attributes of electronic markets. Arno Scharl identifies four categories of architecture and demonstrates their virtues and limitations: static, interactive, adaptive, and agent- mediated systems. He presents an automated and scalable approach to Web assessment, emphasizing the role of feedback in an iterative cycle of design, implementation, usage, and analysis. Evolutionary Web Development blends a strong theoretical background with state-of-the-art research and several industry analyses, making it a valuable resource for researchers and students, as well as for practitioners looking for effective methods and tools. Further information available at http://webdev.wu-wien.ac.at/


1 Introduction.- 2 The Evolution of Electronic Markets.- 3 A Static World.- 4 The Emergence of Interactivity.- 5 Adaptive Solutions.- 6 Agent-Mediated Architectures.- 7 Conclusion and Outlook.- 8 References.
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