Industrial-Strength Formal Methods in Practice

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September 1999



Industrial Strength Formal Methods in Practice provides hands-on experience and guidance for anyone who needs to apply formal methods successfully in an industrial context. Each chapter is written by an expert in software engineering or formal methods, and contains background information, introductions to the techniques being used, actual fragments of formalised components, details of results and an analysis of the overall approach. It provides specific details on how to produce high-quality software that comes in on-time and within budget. Aimed mainly at practitioners in software engineering and formal methods, this book will also be of interest to the following groups; academic researchers working in formal methods who are interested in evidence of their success and in how they can be applied on an industrial scale, and students on advanced software engineering courses who need real-life specifications and examples on which to base their work.


1 It's Greek to Me: Method in the Madness?.- 2 The French Population Census for 1990.- 3 The Formal Verification of a Payment System.- 4 Specification of a Chemical Process Controller in B.- 5 Formal Analysis of the Motorola CAP DSP.- 6 Bridging the E-Business Gap Through Formal Verification.- 7 A CAD Environment for Safety-Critical Software.- 8 Scheduling and Rescheduling of Trains.- 9 Lessons from the Formal Development of a Radiation Therapy Machine Control Program.- 10 Using Formal Methods to Develop an ATC Information System.- 11 Rigorous Review Technique.- 12 Analysing Z Specifications with Z/EVES.- 13 How to Construct Formal Arguments that Persuade Certifiers.- 14 Formal Methods Through Domain Engineering.- 15 Formal Verification in Railways.- 16 Cleanroom Software Engineering: Theory and Practice.- References.
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