Thinking about Movies

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Januar 1991



Thinking About Movies, 2nd edition is a comprehensive guide for students and movie lovers who want to learn how to watch movies critically and analytically. Intended for the beginner, the text offers the critical building blocks required to understand film as an important narrative and cultural form.Guiding readers through basic film concepts - narrative structure, authorship, genre, actors, and stars - as well as more complex analyses of race, class, gender, film theory, audience, and reception, Thinking About Movies offers an intelligent and lively introduction to the ways in which movies are constructed, achieve their effect, and convey their powerful messages. This second edition has been fully revised and updated to cover new developments in filmmaking and recent movie releases. Including extensive illustrations and discussions of a diverse selection of important films, from Citizen Kane to The Sixth Sense, this is the ideal textbook to get students thinking about this important cultural medium.Thinking About Movies, 2nd edition is accompanied by a website at http: //www.blackwellpublishing.com/lehman featuring resources for both academics and students.

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