An Invitation to Old English and Anglo-Saxon England

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November 1994



This outstanding book is an introduction to Old English language and literature, set within the context of Anglo-Saxon history and society.


Foreword. Acknowledgements. Contents. List of Figures. Map of Anglo Saxon England. How To Use This Book. Introduction. Part I: Spelling, Pronunciation, and Pronunciation:. Part II: Other Differences between Old English and Modern English:. Part III: An Introduction to Anglo--Saxon England:. Part IV: The Garden of Old English Literature:. Part V: Some Paradigms --For Those Who Would Like Them:. Abbreviations and Symbols. Bibliography. Some Significant Dates. Glossary. Grammatical and Lexical Index. General Index.


Bruce Mitchell is Fellow Emeritus of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. His books include A Guide to Old English written with Fred C. Robinson (fifth edition, 1992), On Old English (1988), and the two volume Old English Syntax (1985). He is currently working with Fred C. Robinson on a new edition of Beowulf.


"An Invitation to Old English and Anglo--Saxon England is a scholarly yet popular work that introduces us to Old English and its historical and social environment." History of Language
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