The Sedimentary Record of Sea-Level Change

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This unique textbook describes how past changes in sea-level can be detected through an analysis of the sedimentary record. In particular it concentrates on the sequence stratigraphy model and its application to siliciclastic and carbonate successions. Designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in sequence stratigraphy, as well as for professional courses, this full-colour textbook includes numerous educational features. These include detailed case studies, set-aside focus boxes, and bulleted questions and answers. The book is also supported by a website hosting sample pages, selected illustrations, and worked exercises.


Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Sedimentary rocks as a record of Earth processes; 2. Division of the stratigraphical record and geological time; 3. Sea-level change; Part II. Sequence Stratigraphy and Sea-Level Change: 4. Sequence stratigraphy; 5. Processes controlling relative sea-level change and sediment supply; 6. Case study: Quaternary of the Gulf of Mexico; Part III. Siliciclastics Case Study: The Book Cliffs: 7. Tectonic setting, stratigraphy, and sedimentology of the Book Cliffs; 8. The parasequences of the Book Cliffs succession; 9. Sequences and systems tracts in the Book Cliffs; 10. Sequence stratigraphical evolution of the Book Cliffs; Part IV. Carbonates: 11. Carbonate depositional systems; 12. Sequence stratigraphy of carbonate depositional systems; 13. Application of sequence stratigraphical analysis to ancient carbonate platforms; Acknowledgements; References; Index.


'The main body of this book constitutes a fine presentation of the principles of sequence stratigraphy and their application to clastic and carbonate examples. The use of the Book Cliffs as the main clastic example is an excellent choice. The authors clearly know this area well, and their descriptions and interpretation are well done; they take into account all of the various hypotheses and controversies that have arisen around these rocks. The writing is clear and straightforward and the illustrations are truly excellent.' Professor Andrew Miall, University of Toronto 'This textbook is simply without equal and there are no competing texts in this field. I have been amazed that it has taken so long for any textbook at the introductory level to give a complete and accurate treatment of sequence stratigraphy, and this text does it remarkably well. There is a clear need for a text such as this in any advanced undergraduate stratigraphy course. The text is logically laid out and the explanation of sequence stratigraphic principles is perhaps the most lucid I have read anywhere.' Dr Steven Holland, University of Georgia, Athens 'This book has a lot to commend it. The approach to the subject of sequence stratigraphy using well-documented case studies is excellent, and as such the book fills an important niche in the market. Even in the areas where there is overlap with other books, this text is better than others: indeed, it is the best summary of the concepts of sequence stratigraphy I have ever read. It is also a very well written text. The style is clear and consistent throughout, a tribute to some very high quality editing of a multi-author book. Furthermore, the illustrations, both line drawings and photographs, are of extremely high quality, and they very effectively complement the text.' Dr Gary Nichols, Royal Holloway University of London '... not only a textbook, but also a compact and descriptive encyclopedia for every scientist enrolled in seal level history ... the paperback edition is still reasonable; there are no competitors to this excellent piece of work.' EOS '... an excellent study ...' Geoscientist '... a useful, didactically well organized and nicely illustrated book for undergraduate and graduate students.' Journal of Sedimentary Research 'The book is beautifully presented with all photographs, diagrams and illustrations in colour ... I have enjoyed reading the book ... I can thoroughly recommend The Sedimentary Record of Sea-Level Change as a memory jogger as well as a teaching aid.' The Open University Geological Society Journal 'This is an excellent example of how to produce an applied geology book. It is very well laid out, and loaded with excellent diagrams, tables, and photographs. Although six authors (all from the Open University) contributed to the text, the style is very consistent and the readability high throughout.' The Leading Edge
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