Introduction to Vertex Operator Algebras and Their Representations

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The deep and relatively new field of vertex operator algebras is intimately related to a variety of areas in mathematics and physics: for example, the concepts of "monstrous moonshine," infinite-dimensional Lie theory, string theory, and conformal field theory. This book introduces the reader to the fundamental theory of vertex operator algebras and its basic techniques and examples. Beginning with a detailed presentation of the theoretical foundations and proceeding to a range of applications, the text includes a number of new, original results and also highlights and brings fresh perspective to important works of many researchers.


1 Introduction.
- 1.1 Motivation.
- 1.2 Example of a vertex operator.
- 1.3 The notion of vertex operator algebra.
- 1.4 Simplification of the definition.
- 1.5 Representations and modules.
- 1.6 Construction of families of examples.
- 1.7 Some further developments.- 2 Formal Calculus.
- 2.1 Formal series and the formal delta function.
- 2.2 Derivations and the formal Taylor Theorem.
- 2.3 Expansions of zero and applications.- 3 Vertex Operator Algebras: The Axiomatic Basics.
- 3.1 Definitions and some fundamental properties.
- 3.2 Commutativity properties.
- 3.3 Associativity properties.
- 3.4 The Jacobi identity from commutativity and associativity.
- 3.5 The Jacobi identity from commutativity.
- 3.6 The Jacobi identity from skew symmetry and associativity.
- 3.7 S3-symmetry of the Jacobi identity.
- 3.8 The iterate formula and normal-ordered products.
- 3.9 Further elementary notions.
- 3.10 Weak nilpotence and nilpotence.
- 3.11 Centralizers and the center.
- 3.12 Direct product and tensor product vertex algebras.- 4 Modules.
- 4.1 Definition and some consequences.
- 4.2 Commutativity properties.
- 4.3 Associativity properties.
- 4.4 The Jacobi identity as a consequence of associativity and commutativity properties.
- 4.5 Further elementary notions.
- 4.6 Tensor product modules for tensor product vertex algebras.
- 4.7 Vacuum-like vectors.
- 4.8 Adjoining a module to a vertex algebra.- 5 Representations of Vertex Algebras and the Construction of Vertex Algebras and Modules.
- 5.1 Weak vertex operators.
- 5.2 The action of weak vertex operators on the space of weak vertex operators.
- 5.3 The canonical weak vertex algebra ?(W) and the equivalence between modules and representations.
- 5.4 Subalgebras of ?(W).
- 5.5 Local subalgebras and vertex subalgebras of ?(W).
- 5.6 Vertex subalgebras of ?(W) associated with the Virasoro algebra.
- 5.7 General construction theorems for vertex algebras and modules.- 6 Construction of Families of Vertex Operator Algebras and Modules.
- 6.1 Vertex operator algebras and modules associated to the Virasoro algebra.
- 6.2 Vertex operator algebras and modules associated to affine Lie algebras.
- 6.3 Vertex operator algebras and modules associated to Heisenberg algebras.
- 6.4 Vertex operator algebras and modules associated to even lattices-the setting.
- 6.5 Vertex operator algebras and modules associated to even lattices-the main results.
- 6.6 Classification of the irreducible L?(?, O)-modules for g finite-dimensional simple and ? a positive integer.- References.


"...[The] authors give a systematic introduction to the theory of vertex operator algebras and their representations. Particular emphasis is put on the axiomatic development of the theory and the construction theorems for vertex operator algebras and their modules. The book provides a detailed study of most basic families of vertex operator algebras and their representation theory. A number of new, original results are presented.... This excellent book is written in a self-contained manner with detailed proofs. It will be useful for graduate students and active researchers interested in the theory of vertex operator algebras and their applications."
-Mathematical Reviews
"The book under review treats modules for vertex operator algebras and, more importantly, it gives an answer to the following important questions:"How do we construct modules for VOAs?" The answer to this question is the essense of this new exciting book. . . The book is written with care, clarity and pateience which is typical for both authros. It is self-contained with no details omitted. Misprints are most probably rare (if any). Even an advanced undergraduate can pick up a book and learn a whole new exciting subject. In my opinion this beautiful book has only one shortcoming - the list of references (around 600 items!). The authors were kind enough to give credit to almost everyone who ever contributed in some way to vertex operator algebra theory." ---Zentralblatt
"The book gives a sound introduction in the theory of vertex algebras emphasizing in particular the construction of families of examples by means of a kind of representations developped by the second named author."
---Monatsheft für Mathematik
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