'Male' and 'Female' in Developing Southeast Asia

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Juli 1995



This provocative book seeks to redress inaccuracies in Western perceptions of gender relations in Southeast Asia by bringing to the fore the area's ethnic and cultural variance and showing how women and men explain the informal and psychological dimensions of relationships as vital in holding family, neighbourhood and kinship ties together. Although there are differences between male and female perceptions of sex roles in society, women perceive their situation as disadvantaged rather than less significant. Male-female interpretations of power and status tend to converge usually towards the understanding that the contributions of men and women are equally important in the formation of family and society.


Contents: Part I: Theoretical Overview - R. Firth, A Woman Looks Back on Feminist Anthropology - W. J. Karim, Introduction: Genderizing Anthropology in Southeast Asia - W. J. Karim, Bilateralism and Gender in Southeast Asia - O. Hutheesing, Gender at the Centre and Periphery of Southeast Asia - Part II: Ethnography and Culture - J. Nagata, Modern Malay Women and the Message of the 'Veil' - M. Hobart, Engendering Disquiet: On Kinship and Gender in Bali - M. Ngaosyvathn, Buddhism, Merit Making and Gender: A Competition for Salvation in Laos - S. O'Harrow, Vietnamese Women and Confucianism: Creating Spaces from Patriarchy - F. Hughes-Freeland, Performance and Gender in Javanese Palace Tradition - Part III: Methodological Issues - J. F. Illo, Redefining the 'Maybahay' or Housewife: Reflections on the Nature of Women's Work in the Philippines - I. Rudie, A Methodology of 'Eating': Cooperation, Support, and Reputation in Kelantan Malay Households - P. Van Esterik, Rewriting Gender and Development Anthropology in Southeast Asia


Wazir Jahan Karim Women and Human Resources Unit,University Sains Malaysia

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