The Logical Grammar of Abelard

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April 2003



This book focuses on Abelard's logical-grammatical analysis of natural language. Tools of modern categorial grammar are employed to clarify many of the problems raised by historiography. The book's ample analysis of grammatical sources and critical literature allows one to evaluate the progress which is at the basis of the forthcoming terministic logic. The book is aimed at scholars of medieval philosophy and historians of logic and linguistics.


List of Abbreviations. Preface. Introduction. 1: Grammatical Sources. 1.1. Grammatici logicis consistientes. 1.2. Categorization. 1.3. Lexical categories. 1.4. Composition. 1.5. The meaning relation. 1.6. Predication and truth. 2: Categories and Lexicon. 2.1. Categorization. 2.2. Categories and type meanings. 2.3. Semantic categories. 2.4. Derived expressions. 2.5. Non-defined expressions. 3: Grammatical Composition. 3.1. Syntactic rules. 3.2. Pronouns and determiners. 3.3. Expressions composed of common nouns and adjectives. 3.4. Expressions composed of 'est' and nominal phrases. 3.5. Complex sentences. 3.6. Modal phrases. 3.7. Determined modal expressions. 4: Meaning. 4.1. Problems of semantic representation. 4.2. Denotations of terms and sentences. 4.3. The meaning relation. 4.4. Composition of meanings. 4.5. Transfers of meaning. 4.6. The conceptual meaning. 5: Predication and truth. 5.1. Praedicari de pluribus. 5.2. The meaning of predicative link. 5.3. The truth: Consequentia de propositionibus ad res. 5.4. The truth of categorical propositions. 5.5. The truth of hypothetical propositions. 5.6. A model for modalities. Appendix: A.1. Elements of the Montague grammar. A.2. A logic of denotation. A.3. Logic DL. Bibliography. Index of Names. Index of Subjects.
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