Writing Across Worlds: Literature and Migration

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Oktober 1995



Writing has always been a means of making crossings and forging connections between different worlds. Some writers have found it hard to reach an international audience, however: for decades the western literary establishment has been all too ready to sideline writers with mixed cultural or migrant backgrounds as 'marginal', 'multicultural' or simply 'other'. Since its foundation in 1984 the literary magazine Wasafiri has focused on the idea of the writer as someone who transports the imagination beyond the maps of narrowly defined borders, and has promoted a range of new and established voices as well as signposting new waves in contemporary literature worldwide. To celebrate Wasafiri's twentieth anniversary, Writing Across Worlds brings together a selection of interviews with major international writers previously featured in the pages of the magazine. Conducted by a wide constituency of distinguished critics, writers and journalists, the interviews offer a unique insight into the views and work of a remarkable array of acclaimed authors. They also chart a slow but certain cultural shift: those once seen as 'other' have not only won many of the establishment's most revered literary prizes but have also become central figures in contemporary literature, writing across and into all our real and imagined worlds. With an introductory comment by Susheila Nasta, editor of Wasafiri, this collection is essential reading for all those interested in contemporary literature.


Preface 1. Geography, literature and migration: introductory themes 2. Literary reflections on Irish migration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 3. From Pappkoffer to pluralism: migrant writing in the German Federal Republic 4.'Rivers to cross': exile and transformation in the Carribbean migration novels of George Lamming 5. Negotiating identity in the metropolis: generational difficulties in South Asian British fiction 6. Perceptions of place among writers of Algerian immigrant origin in France 7. From Francite to Creolite: French West Indian Literature come home 8. Pied-Noir literature: the writing of a migratory elite 9. Friulani nel Mondo: the literature of an Italian emigrant region 10. Sunday too far away: images of emigrant existence in the literature of Slovenes in the United States, Canada and Australia 11. Migration in contemporary Maltese fiction 12. Literary perspectives on Jews in Britain in the early twentieth century 13. The depiction of return migration in American novels of the 1920s and 1930s 14. Birds of passage or squawking ducks: writing across generations of Japanese-Canadian literature 15. Vulcan's brood: spatial narratives of migration in Southern Africa 16. Far cities and silver countries: migration to Australia in fiction and film 17. In Samoan worlds: culture, migration, identity and Albert Wendt Index


..."an insightful, cross-disciplinary collection."
-"Labor History
"As an attempt to extend the methodological range of research on migration in the social sciences "Writing Across Worlds is a welcome effort ... [I]n the final analysis [this] is a very enjoyable and thought-provoking read."
-Khalid Koser, University of Sussex
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