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April 2000



This volume brings together the disciplines of plant and animal genome research, and serves as an opportunity for scientists from both fields to compare results, problems and prospects.


Genomic Landscapes And Strategies For Sequencing the Human Genome; L. Rown. A Statistician Looks for Human Disease Genes; B.S. Weir. The Identification Of Genes For Complex Genetic Diseases; M. Dean, et al. Reconstructing The Genome Of The Vertebrate Ancestor; D.C. Morizot. Whole Genome Scanning For Economic Trait Loci In The U.S. Holstein Population; H.A. Lewin. Studying Germline Genetic Events In Single Individuals; N. Arnheim. Recombination And Human Diversity; J.A.L. Armour, et al. In Pursuit Of A Nuclear Factor Influencing Mitochondrial Genome Configuration In A Higher Plant; W.H.J. Vanhouten, S.A. Mackenzie. Biodiversity In Agricultural Systems: New Challenges For Genome Diversity Studies; A. Karp. Rice Genome Research: An Alternative Approach Based On Molecular Cytology; K. Fukui, N. Ohmido. Genetics Of The Maize Proteome; D. de Vienne, et al. Homology-Dependent Gene Silencing in Transgenic Plants: Link To Cellular Defense Responses and Genome Evolution; M.A. Matzke, et al. Necessary Condition For Its Rational Conservation And Use; P. Gepts. The Evolution Of Comparative Plant Genetics; M.E. Sorrells. From Genome Structure To Pragmatic Breeding Of Wheat And Barley; P. Langridge. Gene Expression And Genome Structure Relevance In An Applied Project On Wheat Quality; O.D. Anderson. Poster Abstracts. Sorting Individual Chromosomes Of Corn And Wheat; K. Arumuganathan, K.S. Gill. AFLP Markers For Mapping And Characterization Of A New Hessian Fly Resistance Gene; C.C. Collier, C.E. Williams. Hybridization Of Cultivated Rice With Its Wild Relatives To Incorporate Sheath Blight Resistance; G.C. Eizenga, J. Neil Rutger. GISH-Banding In Festuca Pratensis; I. Pasakinskiene, et al. The Molecular Nature And Cytological Consequences of Genome Expansion In The Lolium/Festuca Complex; J. Head, et al. Comparative Mapping Of The Wheat Chromosome 5a Vrn-A1 Region With Rice And Its Relationship To Qtl For Flowering Time; R.N. Sarma, et al. Instability Of Subtelomeric Tandem Repeats Of Wheat Species; E.A. Salina, et al. Isolation Of Differentially Expressed Messages In Sexually Reproducing Tripsacum Dactyloides; B.B. Houghteling, et al. Development Of An AFLP Linkage Map For Qtl Analysis of Mating Song In The Hawaiian Cricket, Laupala; Y.M. Parsons, K.L. Shaw. Genome Specific Dna Probes In Curcifers; D.J. Somers, et al. Index.
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