Analysis of Dynamic Psychological Systems

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Juni 1992



Drawing on sources from a wide range of disciplines, this second volume of a two volume tutorial on systems theory focuses on methodological issues of structural equation modelling and the application of models to empirical analysis of behavioral and social problems.


Systems and Systems Analysis;
R.L. Levine, H.E. Fitzgerald. Methods: The Study of Dynamic Systems Using Structural Equation Analysis;
L.E. Tetrick. Sensitivity of Parameters and Loop Structures;
R.L. Levine, W. Lodwick. Psychological Scaling and Filtering of Errors in Empirical Systems;
R.L. Levine, W. Lodwick. Parameter Estimation and Assessing Fit of Dynamic Models;
R.L. Levine, W. Lodwick. Applications of Systems Approaches: Application of Living Systems Theory;
J.G. Miller, J.L. Miller. Complex Organizations and Living Systems Theory;
G.C. Ruscoe. General Systems in Psychiatric Disorder;
I.W. Greenberg. The Block Booster Project;
P. Florin, et al. A Multivariate Causal Analysis of Teenage Child Bearing;
H.E. Fitzgerald, M.R. Roosa. A Theory of Service Delivery and its Application to the DropOut Phenomenon;
G. Levin, E.B. Roberts. 4 additional articles. Index.

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