Advances in Clinical Child Psychology

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Januar 1993



The current volume includes chapters on dysfunctional parenting, approaches to development assessment, and simple and social phobias.


Development and Cognition in Childhood Anxiety; M.W. Vasey. Disadvantaged Children and Families; K.J. Tarnowski, C.A. Rohrbeck. Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Clinical Child Psychology; M. Levine, et al. Recent Developments in Child Neglect; K.D. Paget, et al. Dysfunctional Parenting as a Focus for Prevention and Treatment of Child Behavior Problems; K.T. Kendziora, S.G. O'Leary. Advances in Family Therapy; S.W. Henggeler, et al. Approaches to Developmental Assessment; J.H. Johnson, J. Goldman. Advances in Pediatric Headache Research; D.A. Williamson, et al. Simple and Social Phobias; N.J. King. Index.


About a previous volume:
`An up-to-date sampling of important diagnostic and treatment issues that is certain to be valued by practitioners and researchers alike.' Contemporary Psychology
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