Handbook Of Tape Automated Bonding

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Januar 1992



Handbook of tape automated bonding (TAB) is a one-stop guide to the state of the art of TAB technology - including TAB tape, bump, inner lead bonding, encapsulation, testing, burn-in, outer lead bonding, inspection, rework, thermal management and reliability. For professionals active in TAB research and development, those who wish to master TAB problem solving methods, and those who must choose a high-performance and cost-effective packaging technique for their interconnect systems, here's a timely summary of progress in all aspects of this fascinating field.


A brief introduction to tape automated bonding;
Electrical performance of tape automated bonding;
First-level packaging costs: tape bonding versus other high-lead package options;
Materials choices for tape automated bonding;
TAB tape design and manufacturing;
Wafer bumping;
TAB inner lead bonding;
TAB testing and burn-in;
TAB encapsulation;
TAB outer lead bonding;
Equipment selection for TAB outer lead bonding;
TAB inspection and rework;
TAB thermal management;
Reliability aspects of tape automated bonding;
Multichip packaging with TAB;
Interconnection substrates for TAB devices;
TAB developments and trends in Europe;
TAB developments and trends in Japan;
TAB implementation: a case study in the military environment;
TAB Implementation: a case study in the commercial environment;


John H. Lau received his Ph.D. degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois (1977), a M.A.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering from the University of British Columbia (1973), a second M.S. degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin (1974), and a third M.S. degree in Management Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University (1981). He also has a B.E. degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University (1970). John is an interconnection technology scientist at Agilent Technologies, Inc. His current interests cover a broad range of electronic and optoelectronic packaging and manufacturing technology. Prior to Agilent, he worked for Express Packaging Systems, Hewlett-Packard Company, Sandia National Laboratory, Bechtel Power Corporation, and Exxon Production and Research Company. With more than 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the electronics, petroleum, nuclear, and defense industries, he has given over 200 workshops, authored and co-authored over 180 peer reviewed technical publications, and is the author and editor of numerous books.
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