Popular Protest in Late-Medieval Europe

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Dezember 2004



The documents in this fascinating volume focus on the "contagion of rebellion" that followed the Black Death, which ravaged Europe in the years between 1355 and 1382. They comprise a diversity of sources and cover a variety of forms of popular protest in different social, political and economic settings. Their authors include revolutionaries, the artistocracy, merchants and representatives from the church. Of more than 200 documents presented here, most have been translated into English for the first time, providing students and scholars with a new opportunity to compare social movements across Europe over two centuries.


Acknowledgments Introduction Notes to the reader Maps 1. Before the Black Death, 1245 to 1348 2. From the Black Death to 1378 3. The Jacquerie 4. The Revolt of the Ciompi, 1378-1382 5. The cluster north of the Alps, 1378-82 Epilogue: After the cluster, 1382 to 1423 Suggested readings


Samuel Kline Cohn Jr is Professor Medieval History at the University of Glasgow


"'This volume is a model of how such collections of documents can bring home reinterpretations of major historical problems' Professor David d'Avary, University College, London"
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