Sexual Perversion

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Februar 1993



Integrating behavioral, psychoanalytic, and biological perspectives into a unique multi-modal approach, the authors present a new diagnostic and treatment methodology which is flexible enough to account for individual variations in sexually perverse disorders. Alongside this methodology, they highlight the key issues concerning these disorders to provide the general practicing clinician with a practical guide for treating the sexually deviant patient.


A Brief History of Sexual Perversions. The Prevalence of Sexual Perversions. The Diagnosis and Classification of Sexual Perversion. Biological Perspectives on Sexual Perversion. Behavioral and Cognitive Views on Sexual Perversion. Psychodynamic Perspectives of Sexual Perversions. The Assessment of Sexual Perversions. The Treatment of Sexual Perversions. Integrative Perspectives on Treating Sexual Perversions. Clinical Application of Treatment: Integrative Approaches. Summary and Conclusion. Index.
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