Industrial Location: Principles, Practice and Policy

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August 1995



Location is vital to the efficiency and profitability of industrial activity. Industrial Location presents a comprehensive introduction to and critical review of this field of growing academic and business interest.
In business, the right choices have to be made to produce profit. Industrial location is a fixed investment, crucial to the strategy and capital investment of any organization. Location also impacts upon non-investors, directly affecting employment, the environment, and economic activity in the locale.
Focusing chiefly on the United States, but drawing on an international range of cases, the authors explain the economic, social and political forces which have shaped comtemporary patterns of industrialization and examines the changing nature of production and systems.


"Written by recognized authorities, this important new textbook presents a stimulating overview of the complex forces responsible for industrial location. While students of geography, business, and planning will benefit from this meticulous account, it deserves a wider audience. Business leaders or their advisers, and policy makers are also strongly recommended to read this book."
-Anthony de Souza, National Geographic Society, Washington, DC
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