Cage Aquaculture

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November 2004



This fully updated, expanded, and revised third edition of Cage Aquaculture now allows for the major developments in the aquaculture industry, including the ever-increasing market for farmed salmon and the development of new industries such as cage tuna and milkfish farming. The text also includes full details about the introduction of these new technologies, such as the implementation of cage aquaculture systems in developing nations and the growth of the organic aquaculture sector. This new edition is an essential purchase for those involved in aquaculture systems worldwide including farm managers, practitioners, and researchers.


PREFACE.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.1 CAGE AQUACULTURE - ORIGINS AND PRINCIPLES.1.1 Principles of aquaculture.1.2 Rearing facilities.1.3 The origins of cage culture.2 CAGE AQUACULTURE - AN OVERVIEW.2.1 Diversity of cage types.2.2 Cages and cage aquaculture.2.3 Cage culture and aquaculture.2.4 Advantages and disadvantages of cage culture.3 CAGE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION.3.1 Size, shape and materials.3.2 Traditional designs.3.3 Modern designs.Appendix 3.1 Current force on a single panel of a net cage (from Loland 1993a).Appendix 3.2 Example of computation of cage flotation computation.Appendix3.3 Calculation of the buoyancy of a 3 x 3 x 3 m bamboo cage (see Section 3.3.2).4 SITE SELECTION.4.1 Environmental criteria for farmed aquatic species.4.2 Environmental criteria for cages.4.3 Site facilities and management.4.4 Concluding remarks.5 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CAPACITY.5.1 Resource consumptiion.5.2 The cage aquaculture process.5.3 Wastes.5.4 Modelling environmental capacity.Appendix 5.1 Example of intensive cage rainbow trout production assessment for a temperate natural lake.Appendix 5.2 Example of extensive cage tilapia production for a tropical reservoir.Appendix 5.3 Example of semi-intensive cage tilapia production assessment for a tropical lake.6 MANAGEMENT.6.1 Transport and stocking.6.2 Feeds and feeding.6.3 Routine management.7 PROBLEMS.7.1 Currents.7.2 Disease.7.3 Drifting objects.7.4 Fouling.7.5 Oxygen.7.6 Security.7.7 Predators and scavengers.7.8 Wastes.7.9 Weather and climate.Appendix 7.1 Example of calculation for aeration system design for freshwater rainbow trout cage.References.Index.


Dr Malcolm Beveridge is based at the FRS Freshwater Laboratory, Pitlochry, Scotland, UK.


"This is the third edition of a book first published seven years ago. The book and cage aquaculture have come a long way in that time. Doctor Beveridge's book is quite simply the key text book for the fast growing cage aquaculture industry. The latest edition describes all the most recent developments in this increasingly important and very fast developing sector of the marine industry" Review appeared in: Ausmarine (incorporating Professional Fisherman),and Fishing Boat World, both 2006 "This review of fish culture in cages thoroughly discusses water-based systems of aquaculture. The author characterizes and elaborates advantages and disadvantages relative to land-based systems such as ponds and raceways... The book is logically organized and clearly written." Journal of Environmental Quality, 2006
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