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This third edition maintains the same content and structure as previous editions, but updates the material and references to account for recent developments in the field, including new research findings and anthropometric surveys. Chapters on Health and Safety and Ergonomics in the Office are substantially revised to include new research, techniques, and changes in legislation that have taken place in recent years. The book includes information on new and revised international standards and regulations; introduces new approaches to risk management and new assessment tools; and offers information on a variety of computer input devices, "hot desking," and children's use of computers.


ERGONOMICS, DESIGN AND ANTHROPOMETRY Introduction Principles and Practice of Anthropometrics Human Diversity APPLICATION OF ANTHROPOMETRY IN DESIGN Workspace Design Sitting and Seating Hands and Handles Ergonomics in the Office Ergonomics in the Home Health and Safety at Work THE BODYSPACE TABLES - ANTHROPOMETRIC DATABASE Anthropometric Data Appendix: A Mathematical Synopsis of Anthropometrics References Index


... the third edition gives the reader 82 more pages of text and double the number of references. ... New data have been added to nearly every chapter of the book, and there are 17 new sections that include material on such contemporary issues as the user-centered approach, which helps to put ergonomics in perspective. ... a rich and useful set of data for the practitioner and researcher alike. - In Ergonomics in Design, Spring 2007
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