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With clear aims and easy-to-follow instructions, Pied Piper describes 78 enjoyable music activities for groups of children or adults who may have learning difficulties. The emphasis is on using music, rather than learning songs or rhythms, so group members do not need any special skills to be able to participate.


Introduction. Instruments used in the activities. Acknowledgements. Part one: Activities to develop listening and concentration.
1. Hands up!
2. Find the leader!
3. Where are the bells?
4. Time bomb.
5. Peace-lovers and warriors.
6. Quiet and loud.
7. Back to back.
8. Contrary motion.
9. Bells and tambourines.
10. Musical lines.
11. Sound effects.
12. Motor-biking.
13. Pied piper.
14. Which way?
15. Listen, dance and paint!
16. Listen and remember!
17. Hunt the sweet!
18. Catch a rhythm!
19. Big Ben.
20. Mystery notes.
21. Ding or dong. Part two: Activities to develop a sense of self and awareness of others.
22. Hello.
23. Pop! goes the instrument.
24. Listen and choose!
25. Solo time.
26. Twirling tambourine.
27. Moving mouse.
28. Where shall I play?
29. Scarecrow.
30. Growing flowers.
31. Name game.
32. Circle the drum!
33. Conductor.
34. Clap and tap!
35. Come and get it!
36. Make up your dance!
37. Guess who!
38. The empty chair. Part three: Activities to develop social skills.
39. Swaying hoops.
40. Make me dance!
41. Sending messages.
42. Humpty's downfall.
43. Kings and queens of the bells.
44. All change!
45. Farewell symphony.
46. Dance and change!
47. Roll or throw!
48. What now?
49. Hat dance.
50. Where are you?
51. Watch the cymbal!
52. Heavy or sticky.
53. Listen and walk!
54. I like...
55. Hoop group.
56. Catch my eye!
57. Tap-a-back.
58. Red-handed.
59. Please interrupt! Part four: Activities to develop motor control.
60. Up and down.
61. Clap and sway!
62. Shake it off!
63. Flying saucer.
64. Sleeping music.
65. Musical feet.
66. Sleeping tambourine.
67. Musical hoops.
68. Train journey.
69. Listen and run!
70. Roll to say hello!
71. Copy my dance!
72. Concerto.
73. Breaking the sound barrier.
74. Over the rainbow.
75. Lead the leader!
76. Moving chairs.
77. Mirror image.
78. Dance with a glued foot! Index to aims. Cross-reference table.


John Bean studied the cello at the Royal Academy of Music and completed his music therapy training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. For twelve years he held the position of senior music therapist for Leicestershire Education Authority. He has also worked as a professional cellist in symphony orchestras, chamber music groups and as a cello teacher. He now employs these skills in freelance work. John is married with three children. Amelia Oldfield has worked as a music therapist in Cambridge with a variety of client groups for the past twenty years. She was the joint initiator of the MA in music therapy training at Anglia Polytechnic University, where she is a part time senior lecturer. She has been involved in three major music therapy projects and is currently investigating music therapy with children with autism. She writes and lectures extensively on many aspects of music therapy. She has four young children and plays the clarinet in local chamber groups and orchestras.
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