Nonlinear Systems

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April 1995



Nonlinear Systems is divided into three volumes. The first deals with modeling and estimation, the second with stability and stabilization and the third with control. This three-volume set provides the most comprehensive and detailed reference available on nonlinear systems. Written by a group of leading experts in the field, drawn from industry, government and academic institutions, it provides a solid theoretical basis on nonlinear control methods as well as practical examples and advice for engineers, teachers and researchers working with nonlinear systems. Each book focuses on the applicability of the concepts introduced and keeps the level of mathematics to a minimum. Simulations and industrial examples drawn from aerospace as well as mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are given throughout.


Volume One: Modeling and estimation. General introduction. Physical modeling. Bond-graph modeling of physical systems. Identifiability and nonlinearities. Identification and realization by state affine models. Observability and observers. Index. Volume Two: Stability and stabilization. Preface. General introduction. Asymptotic behaviour of noncontroled systems. Stability, stabilization, regulation using vectorial norms. Robust stabilization of systems with perturbed dynamics. Stability and control of linear systems with saturations. Annexes. Volume Three: Control. Preface. General introduction. First order control of nonlinear systems. Input-output linearization. A graph-theoric approach to input-output decoupling and linearization. Static and dynamic state feedback linearization. On nonlinear digital control. Applications of input-output linearization and decoupling under static feedback. Approximate closed loop optimization of nonlinear systems using singular perturbation methodology. Annexes. Index.


about Volume 2:
`... makes an extremely relevant and useful source of information and reference.'
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