The Extent of the Literal: Metaphor, Polysemy and Theories of Concepts

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Juni 2003



The Extent of the Literal develops a strikingly new approach to metaphor and polysemy in their relation to the conceptual structure. In a straightforward narrative style, the author argues for a reconsideration of standard assumptions concerning the notion of literal meaning and its relation to conceptual structure. She draws on neurophysiological and psychological experimental data in support of a view in which polysemy belongs to the level of words but not to the level of concepts, and thus challenges some seminal work on metaphor and polysemy within cognitive linguistics, lexical semantics and analytical philosophy.


Preface Introduction: On the Nature of the Literal-Metaphorical Distinction Metaphor in Cognitive Linguistics The 'Hot' Polysemy Across Sensory Modalities Double-Function Terms Double-Function Terms Again Words and Concepts Back to Cognitive Semantics Polysemy in Lexical Semantics The No-Polysemy View: What it is and What it is not A Very Short Conclusion Notes References Index


Marina Rakova
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