John Dewey and the Art of Teaching: Toward Reflective and Imaginative Practice

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John Dewey and the Art of Teaching is an engaging and accessible introduction to the art of teaching as seen through the eyes of John Dewey. The authors provide a lucid interpretation of the complexities and art of teaching in contemporary classrooms. In addition, they discuss, apply, and question the practical implications of Dewey's ideas about the art of teaching for beginning and practicing teachers.


About the Authors
The Teacher as Artist
The Teacher as Lover
The Teacher as Wise Mother
The Teacher as Navigator
The Teacher as Gardener
The Teacher as Educational Pioneer
The Teacher as Servant
The Teacher as Social Engineer
The Teacher as Composer
The Teacher as Wise Physician
The Teacher as Builder
The Teacher as Leader
The Teacher as Classroom Teacher


Douglas J. Simpson, Ph. D., is
Professor and Helen DeVitt Jones Chair in Teacher Education, Texas Tech University.  He is the author or co-author of numerous
articles, reviews, chapters and books, including John Dewey and the Art of Teaching, The Pedagodfathers: The Lords of Education, Recreating Schools: Places
Where Everyone Learns and Likes It, The Teacher as Philosopher, and Educational Reform: A Deweyan Perspective. He has held tenured positions at the University of Louisville,
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Tennessee State University, and Texas Christian
University and taught in
the fields of ethics and teaching, curriculum and instruction, school
psychology, and educational theory. He spends time each week at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School
where he interacts with students about ethical, historical, and geographical
interests. He is a former president of the American Educational Studies
Association and the Society of Professors of Education.

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"In sum, this is a valuable introduction to Dewey's major ideas about schooling that is accessible to readers who might be either daunted by engagement with the original or inclined to consider Dewey too esoteric or irrelevant to their daily concerns."
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