Competition and Succession in Pastures

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November 2001



This book describes how competition between plant species, and succession in plant ecosystems, operate in grasslands and grazed pastures, both natural and sown. It discusses how competition both affects botanical structure, productivity and persistence of pastures and is itself regulated by biological, environmental and management factors, such as grazing animals. The book also examines the ways in which competition and succession are analyzed, evaluated and measured, and brings to the agricultural arena the considerable progress made in understanding the principles of competition from theoretical and experimental ecology.


Measurement of competition and competition effects in pastures; genotype and environmental adaptation as regulators of competitiveness in pasture plants; competition between grasses and legumes in established pastures - the effects of nitrogen; interaction of competition and management in sown pastures; the interaction of competition and other plant and environmental factors in the population dynamics of pastures; application of principles of plant competition to formulation and management of pasture seeds mixtures; large herbivores and competition between plants in savannah rangelands; environmental stresses and competition in temperate grasslands; effect of climate on competitive relationships in pastures; effect of pasture weed competition on whole farm profitability. (Part contents).


"This book will be an outstanding reference for students and a stimulus for future studies by basic and applied pasture scientists."
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