Transient and Permanent

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The essays in this collection capture New England's Transcendentalists in all their complexity. As authors, philosophers, theologians, and artists the circle's adherents challenged their era's spiritual and secular orthodoxies between the 1830s and the 1850s. As critics and reformers they questioned the structure of their society and pressed for change. Contributions to this volume discuss the relationship between Transcendentalism and New England's religious mainstream, the movement and intellectual currents in the nineteenth century, Transcendentalist critiques of society and proposals for reform, the circle's cultural legacy, and its treatment by historians and literary critics.


Preface (Conrad Edick Wright, Massachusetts Historical Society) Transcendentalism and the Historians 'A Little Beyond': The Problem of the Transcendentalist Movement in American History (Charles Capper, University of North Carolina) Transcendentalism and the New England Religious Tradition 'A Religious Demonstration': The Theological Emergence of New England Transcendentalism (David M. Robinson, Oregon State University) Theodore Parker and the 28th Congregational Society: The Reform Church and the Spirituality of Reformers in Boston, 1845-1859 (Dean Grodzins, Harvard University) Transcendentalism and the Cosmopolitan Discourse Schleiermacher and the Transcendentalists (Robert D. Richardson, Jr., Middletown, Connecticut)


CHARLES CAPPER is Associate Professor of History and American Studies at the University of North Carolina. CONRAD EDICK WRIGHT is Ford Editor of Publications and Director of the Center for the Study of New England History at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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